Anonymous asked:

How did you get the opportunity to move to Japan ??? ^_^ it's always been a dream of mine !

I’m studying Japanese, and so living in Japan for a while is part of my degree. If you can make your dream happen, do! It’s wonderful here. :)

franceshahaha asked:

Ohhhh I love ur art!! Especially all the wes anderson ones and the latest one! I'm from australia so budapest only comes out in april which is lame :( also - have u ever considered selling prints on etsy? :)

Oh noooo, I don’t think I could wait till April! I’m in the UK so we have about a week and a half until it comes out 

I am planning be making an Etsy account in about 6 months or so (I have to move to japan until september so i’ll be mega busy till then) but if there are pieces any you have your eye on i’m happy to do one off sales for the original drawings! for any enquiries/commissions xx